Is mobile access rolled into the larger page view counts?

I was thrilled to find this detailed Q&A about the consolidated pageviews report!

My only question is now whether page_view_logged_in_mobile is a subset of page_view_logged in, and the same on the anon side. Or do I need to sum the numbers to get totals?

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I’m fairly sure that page_view_logged_in and page_view_logged_in_mobile are calculated separately. Assuming that is correct, you will need to sum the two counts. It seems likely that page_view_anon and page_view_anon_mobile function in the same way.

Unfortunately, requests to the app are not saved on Discourse development sites and I don’t have a production site at the moment, so I’m going from memory and a quick look at the code to answer this. Maybe someone else can confirm.


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