Is my Discourse version to old to get the latest RSS Polling features?

I’m using Discourse 2.7.10. When building the Discourse Docker image it git clone’s discourse-rss-polling and later checks out an earlier commit: checking out compatible discourse-rss-polling version: 1e85fa1e5f20cbee1d51990b2eb00106f367a57b

With that commit I do not get any new items from the RSS feed I configured. I’m still using the older configuration in the Embedding page because there is no “Discourse Category” field at Plugins > RSS Polling.

Am I just running a Discourse version that’s too old for discourse-rss-polling?

Thats because you are

All our work target our default release channel. When you opt into a slower release channel, new features will take around 6 months to land.


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