Is newuser the same as TL0?

This topic may be the shortest topic of all time- is newuser the same as TL0? There are a variety of admin settings, some for newuser and some for TL0. This posts suggests they are synonymous- true?

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yes, a new user is TL0, but …

if you start a new forum, that setting is changed for the 1st 50 peeps

This can also be changed in the settings “default trust level”

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So assuming I’m not concerned with the first-fifty rule, does newuser = TL0, or does newuser = default_trust_level?

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This one :slight_smile:


Is it possible to send a notification to @newusers somehow? It’s not a group, so that doesn’t work. I can send a notification to @trust_level_0 or @trust_level_1, etc., but I only want to send to TL0’s who are not also TL1’s.

If I do it from the API I could get all TL0’s, get all TL1’s, and diff them to get newusers. That’s kind of clunky though.

We have default_trust_level = 0.

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what would the notification be used for ?

They already get an email, which you can customize if you wanted to.

Other option is to have a category & post that only TL0 can read.

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Sort of, there are also some sanity rate limits on the first 24 hours for new users, regardless of trust level. This is to protect against someone rapidly reaching TL1 and then spamming the site.