Is there a record of who added a user to a private message?

Let’s say users A and B are having a private conversation and one of them adds user C.

Is this action stored in a table or report?

I would like to be able to know if it was user A or user B who added user C.

The reason why I’m asking is that user C wasn’t aware that this was happening (he thought he was sending a PM to user A).

Is there any way that the PMs from B to A and from C to A could have gotten merged because they both had the same subject? :thinking:

I don’t think it works that way. messages are identified based on their ID not on their subject.

If I invite a user to a PM, there is this big, bold action added

Thanks. I think I figured it out. User A moved a message from User C to a PM between A and B, which automatically added User C as a conversation recipient. :sweat_smile:

I’m still wondering if that information was added somewhere :thinking:

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You’ll have to snoop into their conversation I guess. I don’t know if it is logged anywhere else.

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