Is there a way for new users not to upload a profile picture?

is there a way for new users not to upload a profile picture?

I have my settings to where you must be a member to post pictures, to keep down spamming of inappropriate pictures, but now someone is making a ton of new accounts and using inappropriate pictures as his profile pictures. Is there a way to make it to where you must be trust level 2 or higher to upload a profile picture?

Are you using browser fingerprints to identify them?

Why did you necro an old topic on user stats for a different matter though?

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Looks like you’d need a plugin to truly restrict Avatars by trust level. You could hide the avatar upload with CSS in a theme component, but clever users could conceivably get around that.

sorry about the necro, i wasn’t thinking, i was 89% asleep.

i’ll look into the fingerprint browser thing, never heard of that before

a plug-in to let users upload avatars by trust level would be great.

i made trust level 2 harder to get, and thats when they can upload images, and will cut back on the alt spamming, and adding a feature that would allow avatar uploads at certain trust levels would be epic

You can turn off avatars or you can make a set list of avatars from which they can choose. There isn’t currently a way to limit avatars to a trust level.

Oh, there sort of is. You could hide the part of the profile that allows you to upload an avatar with CSS. Someone especially clever could bypass it, but it would likely stop most of the problems. Maybe.