Is there a way to change a core URL, e.g. /guidelines

I’d rather /conduct or similar. Is there a way to actually make the URL different? Or is the best we can get that we change the page content and link titles etc. but the URL is fixed?

I went to Admin > Settings and did a search on FAQ

There’s a setting for ‘FAQ URL’
“If you have a FAQ hosted elsewhere that you want to use, provide the full URL here.”

Not quite what you’re seeking, but related.

Update: Look under Admin > Customise > Permalinks. Looks like this could do what you want.


Thanks, but unfortunately the permalink option is merely a redirect. So, I can make /conduct be a usable link, but visiting it still means landing at /guidelines. That’s maybe useful, or maybe it’s just confusing. It’s not the same as actually changing the real URL.

I would imagine writing a plugin to route /conduct with the /guidelines view would be the easiest way to achieve this, it should also produce the result you are seeking. Granted, you’d also need to update the hamburger menu output too in that plugin.


Thanks, that sounds like might be one of the easiest first-plugins for someone learning to write them. Not sure it’s worth doing in our case, but sounds like the answer here if we care enough.

You can create a new /xxxx permalink and map it to any forum topic or external site you want. I just created a permalink for /ccc and mapped it to an existing topic from the forum. So you can choose where the permalink lands. It displays the topic URL once resolved, which isn’t exactly what you want but at least it doesn’t show “guidelines” or “FAQ” in the URL.

I haven’t used the FAQ URL setting that I mentioned above, but I assume you could:

  1. Create a brand new topic that contains your conduct information.
  2. Point the FAQ URL setting to that.
  3. Create a permalink and point it to that topic too.

Gotcha, yes, I thought I was clear on this. /guidelines and the actual admin-editable topic where the content lives are essentially identical. So, you are correct that I could make a permalink redirect to a topic if I really hated /guidelines for some reason. But neither redirect to a topic nor redirect to /guidelines actually would let the content live at a real /conduct location which is what I wanted.

Of the two options to redirect to /guidelines versus some full-length /t/ topic URL, I actually prefer /guidelines slightly.

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