/conduct permalink redirect to /guidelines failing internally

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We prefer the term “conduct” as in Code of Conduct, and we added a permalink /conduct to go to /guidelines. That works from external links, but not internally. There’s no way to allow this?

Thing is: We call the page “Code of Conduct” and we have a different topic of “extra healthy discussion guidelines” for the good-advice that isn’t the CoC… and so, telling everyone to remember to use /guidelines when they want to link to the CoC is confusing. We’d like to be able to tell everyone that they can always link to /conduct. But if that fails internally, it’s not so usable…

I would wish that we could rename /guidelines URL or rather (to avoid breaking anything) have permalinks work internally.

As discussed on the linked topic, permalinks don’t work internally.

If you really want to you could create a plugin that would add that link.


We internally added a synonym here for


so I think it’s maybe OK to add another synonym for


if you think that’s OK as well @neil?


Ok sounds fine to me.


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