Is there a way to hide the image title on hover?

Is there a way to hide the title that shows up when you hover over an image? I don’t think it contributes all that much, and it might contain data that users don’t except to show up on a public place.

I installed Discourse on Digital Ocean through the marketplace.

That’s the text that shows up in the composer when you upload an image so hopefully won’t catch anyone out as it will be displayed there when you create your post:

![capture 2023-03-31 at 10.25.30@2x|690x199](upload://fTux5NnDSFGUZXmRpBgojx4UpjE.jpeg)

People can edit it out and replace it with something else (hopefully something more descriptive if they are kind and thoughtful people :slight_smile:) from in the composer or there’s a nifty shortcut on the Preview that accomplishes the same thing:

It also shows up in the search and oneboxes, etc so there’s no practical way of obscuring it.

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