Is there a way to quote something that was said on a different Discourse instance?

Is there a way to quote something that was said on a different Discourse instance? I’m guessing no, but thought I’d ask.

I know I can manually quote it, but I’d like Discourse to add the link arrows and have the expand functionality that it present in non manual quotes.

I’ve tried searching but there’s a lot of noise when you search for anything involving quotes.


Discourse being an Open Source application itself and dedicated to Open Standards, it theoretically build on already existing interface specifications, that try to federate conversations accross platforms.

The two leading initiatives in this directions are the

As federation is not trivial, I know it from experiments with the Federated Wiki, initiatives like the above will help to find common consensus on how to model distributed conversation graphs. This will likely also include ideas coming from the Open Annotation working group that also works on

Further more, as I am interested in aesthetically designing these distributed/federated conversations, the same question has already been raised earlier and could even be used to some weird scenarios as merging two Discourse instances, now that I think of it.

The important part here is to get the content of one site to the other, with possibilities of Forking and Re-Merging, i.e. Pull Requests known from Git(Hub).

One of the noisy results when searching for quotes that I provided delivers another small piece of the puzzle. In the end, the user’s interface itself should facilitate the creation, visualization and maintenance of distributed conversations. This is a task not to be solved by Discourse alone, as mentionned earlier.

But it can help with that, as its name implies sociological reasoning about the underlying principles, regulated algorithmically by its codebase.

Just my € 0,02.


No there is no support for this but sounds like an interesting power user feature, possibly an extension of one boxing a post


Thanks for the reply Sam. I thought this would probably be the case, but thought I’d seen something like this being used before. I must have been getting confused with one boxing.

Some Thing like this ?
That is the 5th post

… but on steroids, allows you to select the section quoted as well.


@sam, would you mind webmentionning the domains that Discourse oneboxes from? Maybe just a small, little addition with huge federation chances.

I don’t know what this means. The default whitelist is in the public open source code, visible to everyone.

To reformulate, my question was:

  • Can you as the Discourse maintainers imagine to support IndieWeb’s Webmention protocol to notify external sites (Loomio discussions? Blogs?) of links pointing at them.

The conversation graph, as currently shown by in- and outbound links to a topic, could then possibly traverse domains.

I’m taking inspiration here from what Discourse does already, plus GitHub’s style of adding references to a conversation.


That sounds very, very much like POST /trackback to me. Which, by the way, is something spammed to every single webserver in existence.

See also


in place, can we imagine trusted, in this case vouched, Discourse federations and/or multisites with distributed conversations takeing place?

Btw., to the mods @codinghorror and @sam, I just wanted to revisit the

and don’t have access to said topic anymore. Do you know why?

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