Remembered Topic location should be "First Unread" post instead of "Last Read" post


To solve the problem cited below, make the default location that one enters a topic be the “First Unread” post rather than the “Last Read” post.

That way, sam would come back to topic #22 at post #7 instead of post #10 or 11.

Continuing the discussion from [How should I disable automatic redirection to the Last reply?]

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I personally feel this is rather overthinking the problem. Can you point to any other Discourse instance where people are complaining about this, or this is even mentioned?

Because I can’t.

(Not opposed to a “jump to last unread” in the topic navigator, though.)

I don’t think this comes up often enough to be a huge complaint. That said, i do think this would be better default behavior… not a priority, and happy to let it ruminate.

Regarding the explicit “jump to first unread” in the topic navigator idea, I opened a separate topic here.

The “bottom” link is already there?

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