View first post as opposed to last

Is there a way so when you click on a topic to view it the default view will be on the OP, not the last response? This is probably a feature of Discourse but it’s annoying to have to scroll to the top of threads, especially stickies or posts with lots of information.

At the very least this should be an option to change somewhere, I was surprised nobody has asked this before :slightly_smiling:

We take you to where you left off, anon always get the op

Well I must be stupid/tired/both because I have never noticed that before in my year or so of using Discourse, I swear I even checked before I posted, but I checked again and you’re right :stuck_out_tongue: bizarre…

Thanks though, glad to find out it’s been a thing all along!

Click or tap the reply count to select the date you want to enter the topic, top or bottom.

We now also support a category level setting Navigate to first post after topics are read. This is useful in “howto”/“wiki” type categories where you want users to always navigate to the first post unless there are new replies they haven’t yet read.