[PAID] Modify the "Category Previews" theme to make it work with a limited visibility Group

What would you like done?

I would like the Category Previews theme forked and altered to work with groups that have their visibility set to “Group Owners”

When do you need it done?

Within 30 days

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

USD$250 / EUR€250 / GBP£250 (there may be some flexibility in this if you can deliver faster)

Additional information:

The Category Previews theme works great - but it does not work if the group visibly set to Group Owners.

My use case is that I have a number of Categories that I want to reveal the name of, in order to entice people to upgrade their membership.

To do this, I have a group called “extra special members”. The group must not reveal the number of members in this group, nor must the members be able to see each other (because then they could count the number of members). This is a commercially sensitive number.

The only way to prevent either the number of members in the group from leaking, or the members being able to see each other, is to set the group visibility to group owners only. I have no objections to the name of the group leaking, but not the number of people within the group.

What this has left me with is the follow scenarios:

  1. Logged out users CAN see the locked down category names that the Category Previews is now revealing (good, we want them to know what’s available):

2) Logged in users, but NOT a member of the “extra special group” can NOT see the locked categories (bad, we want them to know what they’re missing out on):

3) Logged in user that IS a member can see, and access, the locked categories (good, works as expected):

I am happy for the forked theme to be made publicly available for anyone else to use under any suitable Creative Commons licence and in accordance with the original licence.

Please let me know if this might be something you’d like to work on, and/or if I can provide any additional detail to make the requirements clearer.


Hi @Richie

Pavillion mught have a solution for you. I’ll send you a PM shortly.


This gig has now been completed by the guys at Pavilion:

Top marks, fully recommended, they were a pleasure to work with :slight_smile:


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