Missed string on Crowdin?

Hello, I could not find a untranslated string on Crowdin.

Here on Meta, I’ve interface language with Spanish.
And here, as you can see:

You will see a text in English:
You will see a count of new replies because you ...

On Crowding, I logged in, and use the search option:

I found 4 (four) strings, and all of it are translated ok.

I think the key for that string is js.topic.notifications.reasons.2
But it is translated:

So… where is the untranslated string? :thinking:
How can I find it? So I could fix it :+1:


Yes, that’s the correct string. It was translated 7 days ago and isn’t in the Discourse repository on GitHub yet.


I’ll enable the weekly auto-updating of translations when I’m back from my vacation next week. There’s still a minor problem I need to workaround for it to work properly…