Is there any way to make the site private but open for registration?

(Tom Kwong) #1

I would like to keep the site private but want to allow people to sign up. Ideally, as an admin, I can approve the registration and then the user can access the site. It seems that I have to manually invite people one at a time for a private site…

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Select the relevant public/private options in the setup wizard. You don’t have to manually invite people.

(Tom Kwong) #3

I have already set to private from the wizard. However, there’s no Sign Up button on the home page. Only Login button is displayed…

(Daniel Hollas) #4

You probably need to disable the invite only settings.

In /admin/site_settings/category/login you need:

  • invite only - disabled
  • login required - enabled
  • must approve users - enabled

(system) #5

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