Is there any way to pull in bulk all topics/posts and DMs with a certain keyword?

Hi - Is there any way, besides just using search, to pull all the conversations, topics, posts, and DMs that include specific keywords?

Our legal team needs all the comments, threads, and DMs with anything referring to a specific product and we are trying to find a way to pull these besides going through our forum by hand.

I was recommended to try the data explorer plug in, but will that work for this situation? Any advice is appreciated!

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This Data Explorer query would be a good starting point: Search for keywords across posts. It is only pulling in the post ids. The query could be altered to also pull in the post’s content. For example:

-- [params]
-- string :query

SELECT as post_id, p.raw FROM posts p
LEFT JOIN post_search_data psd ON psd.post_id =
WHERE psd.search_data @@ TO_TSQUERY(:query)