Is this a discourse or dns issue

Should I enable it via sudo ufw enable?

So it’s not UFW! try contacting your customer support if they have some other network based firewall in place.
Ps: is your IP ??

Don’t complicate things by adding another variable, let it be disabled unless it is at least online.

Yeah my IP starts with that, I will contact customer support now, should I ask why ufw is disabled?

No, You should ask them if they block public connections over port 80 & 443 with some sort of firewall, and if Yes, how to allow connections to your IP/VPS?

Ok, asking right now, thanks for your help btw

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I totally missed this, Apologies about it!

What are the outputs of:

sudo netstat -peant | grep ":80 "
sudo netstat -peant | grep ":443 "

It said netstat command not found

Installing net-tools rn so I can do i

Apparently I can’t post any more messages because I’m a new member, so I’ll just edit this

When I did the netstat for “:80 “ it returned nothing, same with 443

If the IP works but not the domain name it’s a dns problem.

Jay, not so sure … both domain and IP address are returning the same HTML for me.

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When I did the netstat for “:80 “ it returned nothing, same with 443

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hahaha, new account, sneaky :male_detective:

I’d do a rebuild of the app:

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

It says “Device docker0 does not exist cannot connect to docker daemon”

what is the underlying OS? is it 64-bit? Suggest Ubuntu LTS variant.

It’s Ubuntu 18.04 and yes it’s 64 bit

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Here’s a good Topic on Docker install:

Try that?

Ok will check it out!

I’d be skeptical it’s a broken install in case nothing is listening on 80 & 443.

I’d suggest start afresh instead of diagnosing because your forum isn’t launched yet, Just reformat that server and follow the install guide properly.

Your DNS records are fine I’ve just confirmed that.

But Bhanu if you view source there is HTML and its a basic Ember skeleton … why would that be if its a firewall? Surely that would block it completely?

That’s being injected by your ISP or something because I’ve tried to access in browser (Unable to connect) and curl from my servers and response was (connection refused) so it’s definitely something specific to you I guess.

Ps: if you see from inside his vps, nothing is listening on Ports 80 or 443 so it’s definitely your DNS trying to load some content. what DNS do you use?

Interesting idea … by why include an Ember header? It’s a blank page too, not even a helpful message :slight_smile:

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