Isn't the silence message a bit misleading?

I love Discourse, and using it in production for more than a year now. But there’s one thing in the back of mine which is kind of like a pet peeve for me. The silence functionality.

For starters, it doesn’t say how long you are silenced for or the reason for the silence (or I think the reason might be emailed to a user). I think these are important information which the user should know. We’ve had a lot of users make alt accounts just because the silence is not clear enough.

Also, for users completely new to Discourse, the message is a bit weird. It’s called “Your Account has been temporarily placed on Hold”, and the default message says that “your account will be restored after staff review”, which is clearly misleading as it’s just not true. A lot of users in my community create a message to moderators asking them to “review their account”, while in reality everything’s already set and they just have to wait until it the silence ends.

Because of user requests to modify this functionality, we have custom modified the silence message to reflect what has happened more accurately. I just have one question regarding the current system, how can I include the silence reason and duration in the personal message?. Maybe there is a placeholder or something I can use to be more informative to users.

And finally I just want to clarify what is the motive behind masking the reality behind this “account placed on hold” message. Does it provide any benefit to a community?

Thank you!


Just checked, the default email also doesn’t provide the silence reason. So what is the silence reason even for? Just for staff to know?

Just want to know is there a way to add the silence reason to email / private message.


anyone know any functionality for this?

I agree that this is a bit ambiguous.

The second field specifies that the reason will be emailed to the user, but there is no email template which contains it.


bump? is there a bugs category i can put this in

I moved it to ux as it’s definitely an user experience thing. :slight_smile:


There’s some confusion about which message this is exactly…

This is the current default text template for account_silenced (it’s been like this for YEARS):

You have been silenced from the forum until %{silenced_till}.

Reason - %{reason}

and this is the email you get when silenced via this dialog:

@codergautam the message you’re looking at is silenced_by_staff which looks to be the default and is sent when… I’m not exactly sure but probably triggered by an automated process, not the above manual interaction

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You’re right, the user receives that message on their email but the silenced_by_staff iirc is sent as a personal message. Will reproduce and get back to you. Sorry for the confusion this caused

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