Issue on posting: Can't copy images from Google Docs

Hi everybody!
I searched this through but couldn’t find anything already published.

I’m trying to upload images to posts, copying them from Google docs already created. Before, I was able to copy them without problems, but since the last Discourse update I can’t copy images anymore.

I can paste Google Docs images in other platforms without issues. I can also publish images on Discourse posts copied from other online platforms and there is no problem. The issue only happens with the google docs images, and, instead of the image it pastes the text [image] .

Is there anything I can do to solve this? Any ideas of what can be causing this?

Thank you for any advice :raised_hands:

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Hey Ayelen! I’ve seen this recently as well and unfortunately you won’t be able to copy/paste images from a Google Doc into your community. It looks to be a security feature that Google has implemented. Zapier has an article that dives into this a bit. You should still be able to copy/paste from other sources like Pages, Microsoft Word, Pinterest, etc.


Thank you so much for your answer!! I understand better now what’s going on.
I’ll have to explore new ways to solve it :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Can anyone else get text and images copied from Pages or Word (on the Mac) to paste into Discourse and appear? I either get nothing for an image or an empty box.

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