Issue opening external links in new tab

I really need this too. Would love to have any hyperlink posted in my community open in a new tab?

Is there any solution for this, happy to use a plugin or use workarounds



I found this setting in Admin > settings > (searched for this: default other external links in new tab)

but even after checking that box, it doesn’t seem to open external links in a new tab, any ideas?

Did you check your Preference/Interface page to see if you had it ticked in there too?


Did you see a message like this when you changed it?

It might be that you need to reload after this setting is changed.


Hi @santiyounger. :wave:

Did your external links begin working as expected? I tried various configurations, but I’m unable to reproduce this issue.

I’ve noted in the past that browser and other caching sometimes require a hard refresh for a setting to apply. And of course checking your preferences as @JammyDodger pointed out. :slight_smile:

@pfaffman I just tried this and it didn’t give me the user change message as no one (in my sandbox site) had modified the external link setting. After changing it for one account and reapplying the default setting I was prompted to change it for 1 user.

That makes sense, but surprised me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(I express surprise with my eyebrows.)