Issue with sending a message to a private group

Let’s say you have a private group called foobar set up like this:

Capto_Capture 2017-11-06_14-29-53_

  • “Who can see this group?” → “Group owners, members and admins”
  • “Who can message this group?” → “Only group members, moderators and admins”

If a member of the group tries to send a message to it by creating a new message and typing foobar in the “Add user…” field, they’ll fail. The system will not list foobar as a selectable choice.

If you change “Who can see this group?” to “Everyone”, you’ll be able to select the group and send a message to them.

Note that AFAICT, it’s solely a UI issue. Even when the group’s visibility was limited a member of the group could send a message by going to the group’s page (e.g., and using the “Message” button available there.


Hmm what do you think of this @tgxworld?

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@alehandrof Are you running on the latest?

This seems related to


Not the very latest. The panel says v1.9.0.beta14 +72. How can I give you a precise commit?

Can you try upgrading to the latest and see if your issue has been resolved?

Yes, I gathered that’s what you meant soon after I replied. But I need to upgrade scary docker things also. Brb :smiley:

Yep – it works perfectly! Thank you for the “while you were sleeping” fix :smiley: