Issues upgrading from 1.6.0.Beta10+9 to 2.3.0.beta6


I am trying to upgrade my discourse forum from 1.6.0.Beta10+9 to 2.3.0.beta6, using the “Click Here to Upgrade” option, inside the Admin panel

See this screen shot:

However, after doing some stuff for a while, it just hangs up at “Building Assets”, see this screen shot:

I am not a NGINX expert, just Apache

That’s why I am not trying to upgrade it using terminal window, but I have no idea now where to go from here

Any helps will be highly appreciated



PS: Attaching the log which it has created so far. It’s here:

The error is probably happening before, we can’t see it in your screenshot.

Hi Joffery

Thanks for replying, that’s why I attached the whole log link too. It’s here: upgrade log.txt

Hopefully this helps

So your error is:

Sass::SyntaxError: Invalid CSS after "...le:none}:root{-": expected number or function, was "-blue:#007bff;-..."

Not sure it’s coming from Discourse, might be a plugin.

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If you’re updating from 1.6 you’ll have to do a rebuild from the command line.

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Hi Jay

Thanks for the reply

But how will my data get transferred if I do a rebuild from command line

Sorry, I am a newbie

Can you give me some starting steps

 cd /var/discourse
  git pull
 ./launcher rebuild app
 ./launcher rebuild app 

You will not lose your data. I believe that you’ll need to rebuild twice because the first one will upgrade the database.

For $300 or year I’ll do command line upgrades when they are required. Automatic Rebuilds when They Are Needed – Literate Computing, LLC

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Small addition. If you had an error through the admin interface, you will have a high probability of error through the console. In order not to risk it can be immediately disable all third-party plugins and make a rebuild.


Hi Jay

I get this

ERROR: Docker version 1.8.2 not supported, please upgrade to at least 17.03.1, or recommended 17.06.2

When I try to upgrade via console

Any help?

You think you can take it further from here?

Here is the full log of what it shows:

How was this installed originally? What version of Ubuntu is this?

Assuming you have updated everything in apt and are running 16.+ then docker can usually be taken care of with:

wget -qO- | sh

If docker was installed from an old Ubuntu version it is best to

apt purge

(or widget docker it is) first. You can see what it is with

dpkg -l |grep docker
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