Issues with chat day separator


I noticed some issue with day separators.

1. When I scrolling up and it loads the previous posts and if the previous day separator is the exact same top position it will load the previous messages infinite as long as there will be no more separator on the top.

2. Separators sometimes not in the good position. It can cover each other or randomly stay on a message. It seems if I highlight, (hover) a message the separator will jump to the correct place.
It’s not too easy to reproduce on Meta but on my site where are more messages per day, this behavior is usual.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


It seems like these behaviors happen more on Android than iPhone, will try to spend a day or two on Android next week to understand what is going on :+1:

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Thanks Joffrey :slightly_smiling_face: It maybe happens on slower devices, I experienced the same on desktop too but reproduce the second issue is not too ease on desktop because while I scrolling I hover messages and the separators jumping to the correct place. The first issue is same for me on desktop too.

Well, today does totally same to me on iPad with decently fast connection.

I pushed a fix that @Don tried and it seems to improve the situation. It’s now live on meta, let me know how it goes, thanks.

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After testing it a few days and many devices I can (Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac) the day separator issues 100% fixed for me. Thanks again Joffrey :slightly_smiling_face:


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