New chat ux on mobile

I just want to report my confusion with the new interface.

When I clicked on the channel name I thought nothing happened, because the channel was opened below my screen.

Then I had to scroll through all messages to read the new one. After some testing I noticed that this is not what is shown directly after you click a channel.

I also noticed that before choosing a channel the channels are shown twice.

When I scroll to the bottom and click the second “community” I can see the chat on my screen. But the position is at a point where older messages get shown. So after 2 seconds I have to start scrolling at the first message.

By the way the the chat part jumps everytime after the url bar in chrome is hidden or unhidden.

Here you can see the different distance between the private chat and the channel.


I tripped over this this morning. It took me a good half hour to find @not-ethan’s message in the community channel. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m not sure it’s intentional, as it doesn’t happen on all sites, but I’ve not tracked down the reason yet.


How does it work (on these sites)? Could it be browser/device related?

It works as usual on other up-to-date sites, even still using my Android/Chrome phone, so there’s something different here. I’ll upgrade my test site and have an explore.

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Sorry that was my bad, forgot to update our meta instance. It should be all good now (be sure to refresh), thanks for the report.


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