Issues with pulling in Sub Category Posts w/ Slack Plug-In?

Following up on the thread: Pulling in Sub Category Posts w/ Slack Plug-In?

I am unable to pull in sub-category posts with the slack plugin. The thread above suggests that we need to specify all sub-categories specifically in the chat-integration rules. However, I am unable to add sub-categories, and no sub-categories are on the list of available categories to be followed/watched.

Steps to produce this issue:

I attempt to add the sub-category via commands in the appropriate slack channel:

/discourse follow subcategory-name
/discourse follow category:subcategory-name

Example error text;

The category:sub-category category cannot be found. Available categories: {and a list of all top level categories appears, with no sub-categories}

I’m on discourse v2.4.0.beta2 +143

I am curious if others have this issue? If you can’t replicate this issue, I’m curious what commends you’ve successfully used in slack to add a sub-category.

I hit the same problem immediately. Found this post trying to find a solution to the issue. Posting here to commiserate with you and should anyone else post an answer.

FWIW - I wanted to sub to the toplevel category anyway which also doesn’t work. My setup was simple:

Category: Help
Sub-Category: General Questions

I expected if I sub’ed to “Help” and then made a topic labelled with “General Questions” it would work fine since that topic also gets the “Help” category added but that didn’t work.

I went back through the steps and noticed the “Category Slug”. I had used “general-questions” and THAT actually worked!

/discourse watch general-questions
Rule created successfully

[Discourse] [12:24 PM]

Rules for this channel
(if multiple rules match a post, the topmost rule is executed)
1) watch posts in help
2) watch posts in general-questions

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