Slack Discourse integration category subscription feature

Can’t subscribe to messages in a sub category by subscribing to the parent

This may be by-design, but it wasn’t obvious at first. I have parent categories with child categories under them. I expected that if I created a rule that filtered “All posts and replies” to the parent category that it would implicitly include each of the children categories as well. This did not seem to work however, and I needed to create rules for each of my (many) child categories. This would be a great enhancement request to simplify setup for a Discourse installation with many sub categories under a few parent categories.

Can’t subscribe to all categories with a single rule

I found some conflicting information on this and I assume the older Slack plugin allowed for this, but I couldn’t find a way to create a single rule that would simply subscript to all posts and replies from ALL categories in the site. I was hoping to do this all in a single, simple rule. But due to this and the point above, it took 31 separate rules instead of a single rule to just get a basic bridge between my entire Discourse platform and a Slack channel. Unless I’ve missed something, please consider this as an enhancement request as well.

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