It would be good if 0 on day was recorded in statictics so all dates are listed

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If you are a community manager, good data, preferable exportable, is vital.

I have noticed that the “drilldown” for visitors per day or posts per day etc, does not list the day if there is zero. This means that when I am adding all the data into a single spreadsheet, I can’t easily make Column 1, date, column 2, visitors, 3, posts, 4, likes etc.

If zero were listed, that would be easy to do as dates would match up.

Even better would be a way to export all the data as a csv :smiley:

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The more work I do on this, the more I think this would be great :slight_smile: An entry for every date, even is the return was 0 on that date :smile:

As you can see in my spreadsheet of “numbers of the past year” - even the start date is different for each data set

and the end of the list shows how many days are missing

While I would never do a comparison across all days, a chart showing things like the trend for number of posts/topics or number of visits/users would really show the impact of using software like discourse over other software.

I can tell you that we have more replies per topic than we had on phpBB, for example, which shows us that forum users are more engaged, more willing to help and having more “conversation” style discussions - which is EXACTLY why we chose discourse. However, how good would it be to show the pattern of this trend emerging, with a trend line too, rather than just a static number. That is a whole lot harder to do if the dates of each column are not the same.