I've been using Discourse daily for 8 years

It’s cake :cake: day for me today, and I wanted to extend my thanks to the Discourse @team and community for making this awesome piece of software, and growing the thousands of communities using Discourse around the world for so many use cases, and especially supporting the free software communities.

I am so happy that we finally reached a point where various Discourse instances can federate and share a single category across communities using ActivityPub. Having Discourse a fedizen among fediversity is a tremendous achievement that really speaks for the aim to build forum software for the next decade.

Thank you all! Discourse has been part of my daily routine for the last eight years, and it’s procured a lot of pleasure and encounters. It has helped me keeping track of topics over the long run, easily build knowledge from ongoing conversations, and, for me, earned a special place in my daily work toolbox.

I keep discovering functionality and extending the possibilities of what can be done with Discourse: it’s not just a software, Discourse enables efficient ways of working that no other platform can match.

For example, at petites singularités we like short meetings, so we start by opening a HedgeDoc pad with an agenda. Then we paste the pad URL into a new Discourse topic, with an attached event. We call each other on Big Blue Button or Mumble, go through the agenda and take notes on the pad. As soon as the meeting is over, with action points duly noted, we simply paste it to the meeting topic and we’re done! From there, we can follow up with action points, quoting to and from relevant topics and get things done in a way that enables building things up on the long term, with direct access to the history of how things went and how they evolved.

:discourse: :heart:


Thanks for sharing your feedback. The community appreciates it. Happy :cake: day.