Javascript console error: Cannot read property 'createRecord' of undefined

I’m seeing this in the javascript console of a fully up to date discourse:

application-0b81ea4bddf0821944eacaef02726263.js:15 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘createRecord’ of undefined

These are my plugins:

discourse-details 0.3
discourse-solved 0.1
discourse-tagging 0.2
docker_manager 0.1
lazyYT 1.0.1
New Relic RPM
poll 0.9

where else should I look for the source of this error?

Anything we do not ship is highly suspect. So by that logic, the New Relic plugin.

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I removed all the plugins, and ./launcher rebuild app

Turns out, it was this a problem with a site customization… a javascript which was added in the Body tag