Jump to post of group member

I was wondering if the following can be done in a plugin already:

  1. all devs for a project are in a group “Developer”
  2. for long threads it would be nice to have a button for “jump to next developer post”. from the current post in the thread jump to the next developer post. would make it easier to find all the dev answers and skip all the complaint posts.
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This is usually done by visiting the group page, for example, here’s our team group on meta


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I am aware of that option but in this particular case the threads can get really really long at times and it would be really helpful to just have a way to skip to the next dev post. :slight_smile:

just to give you an idea :wink:

now that they are using discourse i was wondering if this “jump to next dev post”, which on the old forums only worked for the first, could be implemented properly.

You can also do this by simply clicking a user avatar anywhere in the topic and pressing the “filter” button, which filters the topic to just posts by that user.

A common place to do this is at the top of the topic at the topic summary …

… but it works anywhere you see a user avatar in a topic

So does this mean technically it is not possible to implement the feature right now?

It is possible to implement, but it would be a custom feature in a custom plugin. It is super specific to your particular use case.

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i know. but knowing that it would be possible is a good start. :slight_smile:

Human kind can put a man on the :moon: I am pretty sure a plugin can be written to introduce a custom topic filter.

It would not be a trivial plugin, would probably take a week of work.


Necro’ing this post as well because this is an exact feature I’m looking for / trying to duplicate from Blizzard’s Forums again.

They have a Jump to Next Tracked post button that will jump to the next “Blue Post” in the thread. I assume this is just a button that will jump to the next post from the custom group I set up in a previous post, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Just looking for a little guidance as I just don’t know where to put custom code like that or their attributes. Thanks for your time and reading!

Example Here:

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