"X posts in topic" filter should load topic to that post

Right now, when you click the “X posts in topic” filter on the user card within a topic, it loads the filtered topic content and brings you to the first filtered post. However, I think it would be a huge improvement if instead it brought you to the post you just filtered from. At least for me, I typically want to find a post by a given user relatively close to the post I’m looking at, so making that the starting point would make that process much quicker.


Thanks for using me as an example! This would be super helpful.


i use the feature a lot on long topics. i’ve never thought about it because sometimes i want to see all posts anyways. but this is probably a good idea. i don’t know if you know this, but if you click the time at the bottom of the timeline scroller on the right side of the topic posts it goes right to their most recent post but stays filtered.

Yep, I knew that. And that does help sometimes, but of course other times you’re filtering based on a post in the middle of the topic.

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Does anyone on the team have thoughts on this?

Well, a few team members have liked your post… :slight_smile:

There are so many things to do in Discourse, priorities are set. No answer doesn’t mean no interest, but rather that it’s not a priority.

I wasn’t aware of such a feature, and after trying it, I agree with your suggestion.
Removing the filter could also set the scroll to the current displayed post. Currently, it scrolls up to the first post.

I believe the related code is here for info:

The refreshAndJumpToSecondVisible method is declared several lines above: discourse/app/assets/javascripts/discourse/app/models/post-stream.js at f69748e32558c2cd1e69b947c201b5a9c8862043 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

And the cancel filter method is here: