Keep basic documentation up in search results

Continuing the discussion from Create a poll that others can vote on:

I would like to know how to bump this kind of getting-started documentation to appear higher up in search results (like “create poll”).

I ask a) for myself :innocent: and b) I consider a high ranking of “official support material” in search results as an important feature for an easy onboarding of new users.

I assume that this wish does not apply to all communities.
How could a forum that wants this feature implement it?

You can choose a higher search priority for that category.

(Maybe Making #documentation more prominent in Search is also interesting for you)


One of the purposes of this question was to try to bump the voting doc up.
I wonder whether this was successful.
Should have noted the position, but it was not in the top 5 results.
But now it is the second entry when searching for “vote”.

While reading the source mentioned in Ranking of search results I wonder, if

posts.order("topics.bumped_at DESC")

might have to do with it.

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