Keep pinned posts in Categories list


Thanks to @neil, my understanding is that

Discourse will remove unpinned topics from the lists on the categories page if the user has seen them (code here).

I would propose that is too strong. If a pinned post has been read, but is still one of the three most recent topics in its Category, it should remain on the list in the Categories view.

In my community, sometimes a pinned post is not an announcement, but a conversation starter. The current code is useful for announcements that only need to be read once, but there are other reasons to pin posts.

I would recommend removing this code or having it be configurable.


You could disable automatically unpin topics site setting. It may work for you.


If that setting is switched off, and a member reads to the bottom of the post, it will unpin and disappear from view?

What I’m proposing is that an unpinned post follow ‘regular’ behavior for a post.

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No, it will work in other way. If it’s off then it won’t unpin topics automatically when a member reads to the bottom of the topic.

Yes, of course. Thank you.

What is the meaning of:

  • automatically unpin topics
  • default topics automatic unpin

How are they different?

The challenge is - I do want announcements (usually closed topics) to get unpinned and fall to the bottom for members. Due to their time stamp (older posts relative to when a new member joins) they aren’t going to appear in the Categories list after they are read. But, if I am pinning a post that is an important, live conversation, I don’t want that post to fall off a cliff.

This should be the current behavior - do you have evidence to the contrary?

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“automatically unpin topics” is site setting to toggle the whole feature. If it’s disabled “default topics automatic unpin” setting be effective anywhere.

“default topics automatic unpin” setting is default user preference value for new signups. Yes, users can override this setting in their user preference (only if enabled)


Hi Kane, in the OP I linked to the code where, it is my understanding, pinned posts that have become unpinned are removed from the Categories view.

Oh, this is for the category list page, not the Latest page. Wasn’t aware it did that.

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