Keyboard issue in Android

Hi guys,

In Android, The login screen opens perfectly , but when i open signup page, the focus is automatically on the input and the keyboard appears. The keyboatd should appear only when i click the input text in sign up page also. Just like the login page. This issue does not happen in IOS.

Can anyone suggest some solution for this. Any help would be appreciated.

Testing on
Device - samsung s9
Android version - 9



What’s the problem that we’re trying to solve here?
I assume it’s by design that the field is active on signup since someone may click login by mistake but sign up button is usually an informed click and the user knows that he/she wants to create an account that’s why it’s very justified to have the field active.

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hi @itsbhanusharma , if the design is like this then it should be in ios too. But its not like that, in ios the field is not active initially, it gets active only after clicking and then pop up appears. The issue is in android that i am referring.

Since I don’t have a device with iOS so I can’t comment about that but on android, I don’t feel like this is a problem.

I am using Android and I find it works perfectly

I have attcahed videos to demonstrate the issue. Please see the video and note, keyboard pops up when sign up button is clicked in Android and due to this the modal is cut from top as it is pushed up, and in IOS this phenomenon does not happen.

I hope the video is clear.