The 'enter' key does nothing when logging in on Android

I just downloaded the Android app and thought it was broken because I was unable to login. Then I realized that hitting the enter key at the bottom right corner of the keyboard does nothing. I had to lower the keyboard and then hit the Discourse login button to complete the process.

I am using a Nexus 6P on latest (as of today) Android Nougat.


Can you screenshot the specific place you mean.

Here’s the login screen on my phone. After I type in my password I (naturally) clicked on the arrow at the bottom right corner of the keyboard expecting it to register as an ‘enter’ key. But, it does nothing. Like I said in my original post, at first I thought my password was wrong because I wasn’t being logged in.

In order to complete the login I had to drop the keyboard out of the way to click the (now visible) login button.

Wow, that’s weird. The 2 images I just posted are not displaying properly in the forum (I used direct links to the images in my Google Photos).

Here they are again as links not on separate lines: and

On another note, any idea why pasting the URL on it’s own line causes the image to not display properly? Actually, I will start a new thread about the image issue.

Your images are too tall, so they are being cropped. Actually it looks like this is a quirk of Google Photos; try uploading the image directly here to compare.

If you log in via the Chrome browser directly, does enter on your mobile touch keyboard work as expected?

Here are both images uploaded to the forum:

No, it doesn’t work. Clicking the enter key does nothing. I have to drop the keyboard out of the way and then click on the Discourse “Log In” button.

More Google Photos weirdness. Here’s a direct link (posted on a separate line) to a video on my Google Photos. The video looks like it’s interpreted as an image.

But as you can see the video plays fine if you link it this way:

Back on topic – I can confirm this on my beater Nexus 5. Enter on touch keyboard should work to log in, can you have a look Monday @tgxworld?


It looks like the keyboard is giving a “Next Field” button (right facing arrow) instead of an “Enter” button.


Fixed in