Keyboard shortcut for closing a topic

Is there a keyboard shortcut to close a topic?


No there is no such short cut, I think it makes sense to add a keyboard shortcut that opens the admin wrench, and then a second key like c could close a topic.

Going to mark this as a feature request.

Step 0 is figuring out what we want the shortcut to be for opening admin topic wrench.


Are there shortcuts not listed on the shortcut help modal?

Hey look, I can copy it!

Jump To

  • g, h Home
  • g, l Latest
  • g, n New
  • g, u Unread
  • g, c Categories
  • g, t Top
  • g, b Bookmarks
  • g, p Profile
  • g, m Messages
  • g, d Drafts


  • u Back
  • # Go to post #
  • k/j Move selection ↑ ↓
  • o or Enter Open selected topic
  • Shift+j/Shift+k Next/previous section
  • Shift+l Go to the first unread post


  • = Open hamburger menu
  • p Open user menu
  • . Show updated topics
  • / or Ctrl+Alt+f Search
  • ? Open keyboard help
  • x, r Dismiss New/Posts
  • x, t Dismiss Topics
  • Shift+z Shift+z Log Out


  • Shift+c Return to composer
  • Shift+F11 Fullscreen composer
  • c Create a new topic
  • t Reply as linked topic
  • Shift+r Reply to topic
  • r Reply to post
  • q Quote post


  • f Toggle bookmark topic
  • Shift+p Pin/Unpin topic
  • Shift+s Share topic
  • s Share post
  • l Like post
  • ! Flag post
  • b Bookmark post
  • e Edit post
  • d Delete post
  • m, m Mute topic
  • m, r Regular (default) topic
  • m, t Track topic
  • m, w Watch topic
  • Shift+u Defer topic
  • Ctrl+p Print topic

Aside from those, are any other reserved?

Also, I notice my keyboard is missing a wrench key (:wrench:), so my first choice is out. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I suggest Shift + a for opening the admin wrench.


I like Shift + a for opening the admin wrench. Can I work on it by opening a PR in GitHub? @sam

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Yeah I think you can give it a shot in a PR the tricky thing though is that you need to be able to select stuff using the keyboard once it is open.

How do you foresee that working?


What about if once the admin wrench is open, navigate through it using the Up and Down keys? Then hitting Enter to select the option. I don’t know if this is possible, but just like an idea…


I support this if you can swing it, we do it on search, highlighting the selected button though may be a bit tricky, can you give it a shot and post a screenshot ?


Sure, I let you know when a I have something.


I have been having some trouble understanding ember.js, I have never worked with it before. I did this PR that only opens the topic admin menu, I hope this helps. If someone could help me with the other part, it will be greatly appreciated.


Shift+a is working. But the arrow keys do not work inside the menu. Would love to have shortcuts for some of tasks like Close, timers, etc.

On that note - is there a different way to add my personal keyboard shortcuts for a sequence of UI clicks? Maybe a chrome extension?

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Update: Dug a bit in the code. Close topic shortcut can be very similar to the pinUnpinTopic and deferTopic shortcuts. Simply call toggleClosed on the topic class.

 pinUnpinTopic() {

@hectorbus - is this something you could put in? How about Shift+c for close? I would have done it myself - not setup for github and coding right now though.

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I believe that the arrow keys feature was never implemented, I tried to work on it but I wasn’t successful. Regarding to the personal keyboard shortcut, I’m not sure if there is a way to build that chrome extension, you could give it a try; also, a new PR can be made with that new keyboard shortcut, as long the code and functionality is approved.

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Let me check out the code and see if the toggleClosed would work, I don’t see why not.

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