Keyboard shortcut for closing a topic

Is there a keyboard shortcut to close a topic?

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No there is no such short cut, I think it makes sense to add a keyboard shortcut that opens the admin wrench, and then a second key like c could close a topic.

Going to mark this as a feature request.

Step 0 is figuring out what we want the shortcut to be for opening admin topic wrench.


Are there shortcuts not listed on the shortcut help modal?

Hey look, I can copy it!

Jump To

  • g, h Home
  • g, l Latest
  • g, n New
  • g, u Unread
  • g, c Categories
  • g, t Top
  • g, b Bookmarks
  • g, p Profile
  • g, m Messages
  • g, d Drafts


  • u Back
  • # Go to post #
  • k/j Move selection ↑ ↓
  • o or Enter Open selected topic
  • Shift+j/Shift+k Next/previous section
  • Shift+l Go to the first unread post


  • = Open hamburger menu
  • p Open user menu
  • . Show updated topics
  • / or Ctrl+Alt+f Search
  • ? Open keyboard help
  • x, r Dismiss New/Posts
  • x, t Dismiss Topics
  • Shift+z Shift+z Log Out


  • Shift+c Return to composer
  • Shift+F11 Fullscreen composer
  • c Create a new topic
  • t Reply as linked topic
  • Shift+r Reply to topic
  • r Reply to post
  • q Quote post


  • f Toggle bookmark topic
  • Shift+p Pin/Unpin topic
  • Shift+s Share topic
  • s Share post
  • l Like post
  • ! Flag post
  • b Bookmark post
  • e Edit post
  • d Delete post
  • m, m Mute topic
  • m, r Regular (default) topic
  • m, t Track topic
  • m, w Watch topic
  • Shift+u Defer topic
  • Ctrl+p Print topic

Aside from those, are any other reserved?

Also, I notice my keyboard is missing a wrench key (:wrench:), so my first choice is out. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I suggest Shift + a for opening the admin wrench.

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