Kudos to the Discourse team

I would like to say that I am super impressed with how Discourse looks so far. It’s obvious you guys are really kicking some ass and making some good software. It’s also really cool to see founders and core devs here participating in real time with us looky-lous. Makes it obvious that it’s getting better as we speak!

I just thought I should throw in some compliments since I’ve been enthusiastically reporting my complaints as well. Keep up the good work. I look forward to trying it out on my own server, too.


Agreed, I’m loving this so far.


By the way, one thing I was meaning to mention in the OP but forgot: the dynamic nature of the system really contributes to the feeling of the community being more active. I don’t get the impression that there are a huge number of users posting here, but the forum feels like it’s buzzing because I am notified of stuff immediately when it happens. Someone replies to me and I’m instantly notified, so I reply back right away. This makes the whole thing a lot more engaging than your typical message board.


Agreed. I like how the devs are pushing changes - already noticed a few suggestions have already been implemented.

Also great to see the devs interacting with the rest of us :thumbsup:

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Huh? I did use the like button.

You don’t have to do this anymore. Just “like”

LOL that is some crazy forum nitpicking right there.