Landing Pages Plugin 🛩

Cool, you might like this in-progress “landing page” that has been whipped together from a category and tag group. It is working pretty well. Nothing fancy, but works.


Nice! It’s using this plugin?

No, created with Vue and uses Discourse API.

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Hello, trying to use this but when importing a ZIP I get an error.

Doing this because i need the .css file and .js.

See: Landing Pages Plugin 🛩 - #47 and the tag end-of-life


@angus is it possible to use bootstrap for creation of main page (login) page of Discourse instance?
Thank You :pray:

I think we’ve had a report of this plugin hiding the sidebar’s Edit Custom Section modal:

I’ll move the tag over to broken. :+1:

I’m happy to say that @cabidop has breathed new life into this plugin. It is no longer broken :tada:. See further


Thanks for the mention, @angus ! Happy to help with the plugin, I will be around here (and also on Github) so feel free to reach out.


Does the plug-in remain functional, with Blog landing pages as of today?
I’m new to the whole thing & when I try it, it installs & when I follow the docs (ones I found) I get an error about “body” (which I found no mention for) which I leave as is, empty.
Perhaps I missing something obvious & trivial.

Hi, @lejeczek! I wasn’t testing the Landing Pages Blog repository so I don’t know if it’ll still be fully compatible, but there’s definitely a bug in this plugin that prevents the blog pages to load.

I’ve just pushed a small fix for it, once it’s ready to use I’ll let you know.


The fix has been merged :+1:

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Please help, site got messed up from this Plugin

I am trying to use Landing Pages. I installed plugin on my server, but the only 2 config options for it in my Admin panel are:

I was following the instructions on his site to setup a Blog-looking page. I installed the plugin, installed the Blog Landing theme, and the last step is “Set up the Blog Landing Pages as your landing pages repository.” Well, that “landing pages repository” URL is broken, so I’m stuck. I’m not sure how to implement the landing pages because I have no config options from the Landing Pages plugin itself. @angus?

As this is a third-party plugin, you’ll need to ask support questions on the topic itself. I’ve slipped your post over to get the right eyes on it. :eyes: :+1:

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Ah, ok, was wondering why my post got locked when I refreshed my page, haha. Thanks. Hopefully I hear back soon!

I believe this is this one:

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If you need ‘ASAP’ you may need to be prepared to contract a professional. Our community support is great, but it’s not ‘click your fingers and always get instant support for free’. :slight_smile:


Hello @45thj5ej

Could you explain what you mean by this?

Any idea if this is also outdated? An instruction there says, " To connect your pages repository, go to /admin/plugins/landing-pages and click Repository"

Nevermind, figured it out while typing this up. You literally have to go to I kept thinking I had to go to Admin > Plugins > Landing Pages settings icon, which would make the most sense. Sheesh. Thank you for your reply!

I think we are all good now, but I do have a question: Instead of using the blog theme (GitHub - paviliondev/blog-landing-theme), can I use my own theme that I’ve always used?