Language options

I haven’t found any language options on this forum.
The (discourse based) forum I normally frequent has a drop down for various language options. I have typed in in Google as I am looking for a French version to participate in, but it appears to be a work in progress? (an update would be good.)
So, for the Discourse forum itself, can we only type in English? As a newbie here, am I missing something?

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You can change the interface language to at, but the discussion in here is mostly in english.

However, you can type any support question you have in French is that is your only option, and people will try their best to help you.

That domain has no affiliation with Discourse, and we have no information about it.


Rafael, thank you for your reply. I am English and therefore more than happy to continue on the Discourse forum in English.
Interesting about the Discourse .fr domain? I’ll leave that with you guys!



Hi T… what went on “like”? found this place after google. How to send private message on here ?

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Hi Matt
If logged in just click on the avatar of whoever you want to PM and then on the blue box marked message.


Tracey. I just tried that - no message options at the moment… I only joined today, so probably need to wait a while.

Received the other message (product customization) via Buyer Messages / marked as no response to avoid any issues with abots etc… :rofl:

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I did not know there was an approval time before being able to PM ? Can someone from the discourse team please clarify.

By default, a user needs to have a minimum trust level of 1 in order to send a personal message (PM) to other members. This can be controlled via the min_trust_to_send_messages site setting on your site if you want to change the minimum required trust level for sending PMs.


Thank you for replying.
Problem sorted :star:

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