"large icon url" ... mobile app icon?

Somehow I seem to be unable to change the “Large Icon”? Each time when I launch the wizard, only that image seems to automatically have reverted back to the previous image? When I re-upload the correct image it looks ok in the wizard, I continue through the wizard steps and complete the wizard successfully … but, the image just does not change? Changing the icon in the “large icon url” in the admin panel also doesn’t seem to update the image?

I assume this is the icon used in the mobile app because I cannot seem to fix that icon?

btw: I am using the easy 10$/month hosting on nodechef.com so I am not in full control of the installation. I am waiting for nodechef.com to upgrade from v2.2.0.beta4 +14 to 2.3.0.beta2

UPDATE: nodechef is not supported

Yeah that is not supported at all. You need to be on latest, or stable. You are on “many months old crazy beta” now.

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Thanks @codinghorror with the swift reply!

Will the 2.3.0.beta2 version fix this issue?

I was told by nodechef.com support that they update every 3 months and the next upgrade is due before 1 March so it’ll be in the next few days or so.

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That’s basically an unsupported install.

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Which one? v2.2.0.beta4 +14, 2.3.0.beta2, …?


You should either move to a self hosted install or buy from discourse.org to ensure that You’re on a supported install

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Hosting on discourse.org would’ve been my preferred option too because I am all for supporting open source and so far I’m really liking Discourse :muscle: … but to be honest, I find the monthly cost … starting from 100 bucks a month :open_mouth: … not even close to reasonable. Limiting # staff in the “Standard” and “Business” plans also makes me raise eyebrows :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

The self-install option with one-time setup cost of 100 bucks is again a bit odd for something that (for most use cases) is expected to be automated (as nodechef seems to have done).

At the moment and we are still just trying out if Discourse is the right tool for us, so for the time being we’ll stick with nodechef until we are ready to self host.

I’d really rather have money go to the open source project itself than to the Discourse service from nodechef, but at 10x the cost my arm’s easily twisted. I reckon Discourse.org could easily onboard loads of customers who are now - because of the 10x monthly cost - pushed towards services like nodechef or self-hosting (I’m guessing a lot of those people don’t really want to self host). And no, a 14 day free trial is not comparable because nobody likes the idea of the time restriction.

Anyhow, just my 2 cents.

For testing, You can try.discourse.org
Or maybe deploy it locally.

I understand, it’s just that what I was trying to say is that by pricing 10x, Discourse.org is likely missing out on a lot of potential customers for whom it’s is just too expensive … but thinking about it again, I guess Discourse.org has thought this through and decided to go for a much smaller number of customers who pay premium.

Anyhow, I’m liking Discourse so far :muscle:


Well, we do like to pay people for their work!

Discourse is awesome, so it’s worth it if you want the best hosting, right? :wink:


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