Large MathJax equation goes out of margin in mobile mode

Hi guys, I noticed that the MathJax formulas going out of the limits of the posts:


It happens only for the mobile mode. Is it possible to hear some suggestions on how to fix it? I guess we need to somehow reduce the size of it so it could break somehow.


Still having this problem :frowning: . Someone can maybe help?
Thank you.

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Having the same issue. Have you solved it maybe?

No, I still having the problem. Looks like no one cares though :confused:

We do care, a lot.

Please be patient. We’ll get this fixed.


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Any updates on this issue? We’re using MathJax and running into the same problem on mobile devices.

This was fixed a while back.

Is your site up to date? Is the plugin up to date on your site? Can share an example the problem you’re running into?

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Yes, the site and plugin are up to date. Here is an example of the issue:

Could you maybe share a screenshot, as what I see is:


Edit: several refreshes later:

Which looks right, no?

If you’re referring to that last equation, it’s wider than most mobile viewports and so it can be scrolled horizontally like so

Are you experiencing something different?

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I am not seeing the scrolling option on a mobile device. When I use a mobile view in my desktop browser I do see the scroll. Here is a screenshot from my phone.

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This should fix it

Thanks for reporting the issue @csandstedt :+1:


Thank you @Johani for your help on this!


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