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Can you post the original string here so I can play with it? So far I was unable to reproduce this.
Do you have some other plugin or theme that could interfere with this?

Sorry, it looks like it is only happening with mathjax, I had switched to KaTeX and couldn’t reproduce. Switching back to mathjax still gave me same behavior with the following string:

For the sets $A$ whose Kleene closure $A^*$ has a commutative binary operation. But a commutative operation for the infinite set $A^*$ does not exist, hence $A$ must be either empty or have just one element.

Indeed, MathJax has some issues, I was able to reproduce this. No idea why that could be. The block math renders correctly. Because KaTeX works, it is likely that this is a quirk of MathJax and not this plugin. I guess one more reason to try using KaTeX? :slight_smile:

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We have one 4+ years old Discourse instance that has been using the unofficial MathJax plugin. We have thousands of posts with Latex, many of which are using \begin{(equation|align|...)} and are not enclosing paragraph Latex between $$ (only inline Latex between $).

Does this plugin allow \begin{align} and all other environments known the ams* latex packages? If yes, does it require enclosing them between $$? If yes, could I prevail upon the devs to allow parsing these without $$ by triggering the plugin also when meeting any \\begin\\{\w+\\}?


I installed both plugins and wanted to enable only one at a time to test things. But it seems the old Mathjax plugin is overriding all settings (if it’s disabled, then the official math plugin doesn’t kick in even if enabled). Anyone else?

First of all, thanks for the plugin - it is the main plugin we use on our forum :slight_smile:
I noticed that the MathJax formulas going out of the limits of the posts:


It happens only for the mobile mode. Is it possible to hear some suggestions on how to fix it? I guess we need to reduce the size of it somehow, so it could break or at least make it smaller. Without it, it is not possible to use our forum from mobile.
Also opened a separated thread if someone prefers to answer there: Large MathJax equation goes out of margin in mobile mode
Thank you!

How do I get support for using this plugin? When I use it my preview pane in the post correctly renders the latex as math. However on the actual page when I make the post I do not see the math equations at all, just the raw latex.

Do you mind posting the exact problem text here, feels like a CSS fix in RTL mode may help.

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Have a look at your console in chrome are there any errors? Are you using a custom theme.

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The post is public, does this help: https://discourse.qoto.org/t/nodal-analysis-tutorial/36

Appears to require login?

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try now, i changed the permission

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Sure. One of the examples:

The LaTeX of the first question:


The LaTeX of the second equation:

&= \biggm|\frac{1}{2}\cdot\left(\frac{\sin\sqrt{x}}{\sqrt{x}}+\cos\sqrt{x}\right)\biggm|\leq\frac{1}{2}\cdot\frac{|\sin\sqrt{x}|}{\sqrt{x}}+\frac{1}{2}\cdot|\cos\sqrt{x}|\
&= \frac{1}{2\sqrt{x}}+\frac{1}{2}\leq\frac{1}{2}+\frac{1}{2}=1

Link to the page.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


@Johani can you have a look at the CSS here for RTL?


Can you upgrade to tests-passed and remove all unofficial plugins?

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Do i just need to go in and update the git repo to update then precompile?

If you are using our docker setup you simply replace stable with tests-passed in the template and then run ./launcher rebuild app removing al third party plugins.

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Ok i launched a clone of the server on my localhost and did as you say. The problem seems to persist.

So something weird. I just created a new post to test again. In the first 5 seconds or so while the pos was up it DID render the equation properly then a moment later it reverted to raw latex. It always renders correctly in the preview however.

My guess is that this is strongly related to your non-standard install, we only really support the docker based setup.