Last message time not refreshed until scroll

Not sure if this is a bug or #ux, but it seems that the last message time at the end of the vertical slider doesn’t update. I think that if you have a time indicator with such a time as N minutes, if should update to always show correct time…


Oh, that’s a good point. @eviltrout can we ensure the vertical scrollbar updates its bottom (last post) time, if a new post arrives while you’re reading?

And I guess the related issue is that the time should adjust while we’re reading, if last post was 3m ago and we spend 5m reading… then it should be 8m?


Actually I have only verified that the second example (time should adjust while reading, no new post) doesn’t work currently. I don’t know if the first one (new post) updates the time…

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I think new post does because I still have my try demo up, and it goes from 2014 to … today, and currently says “3m”. It just updated to “8m” as I scrolled though.

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You are correct. The time updates when I scroll any amount, but not if the window stands still.

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Is this the same issue/Bug?

We’re on v1.8.0.beta1 +3