Minor wording issue: "Was in Jan 7" - etc

Minor, but noticeable. When the various “hasn’t posted in awhile” notices go up, they are worded like - “last post was in Jan 7.” Of course you can say last post was in January, but it should be “on Jan 7” not “in Jan 7” – at least by conventional American English usage.

That’s an old version, in the current version it says

Last posted Jan 7

Update to latest.


I’m running [v2.3.0.beta5 +12] which the admin panel claims is up to date. Where is there a later version? Thanks.

You will only get notified of new betas, visit /admin/upgrade to trigger an upgrade directly.


OK, thanks very much!

OK, that took care of it nicely. I was unfamiliar with non-prompted manual upgrades. Thanks again. BTW, I find the Discourse upgrade process in general to be among the most trouble-free I’ve seen on any significant platforms. Great work!