Latest version of discourse prevent from adding groups as category moderators

How to replicate:

git clone /var/discourse
cd /var/discourse
chmod 700 containers

In settings, enable the enable category group moderation option.

As admin, open the groups and create a new one. I added myself (admin) to it as well.

As admin, open the category view, choose “General” and open the settings.

Move into the “settings” tab:

Start typing the name of the group you created and notice that there is a small line appearing below. That’s supposed to be the select list of groups, however it doesn’t open.

Even if adding the exact name of the group and saving, doesn’t actually save, probably because the select would instead add the group id and detect a change in the form, which doesn’t happen because the select is not opening.
I also tried using the keyboard to move up/down in case the issue was only visual and I could select the values anyway but no such luck.

This is seriously impairing the ability to moderate large communities and I’d appreciate if someone else verify this bug and is eventually raised when confirmed.

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I’ve just given this a run-through on my test site (Vesion f1a52db0a0 ) and I can’t replicate. Typing in the box gives me a dropdown of options:

Does it also happen in safe mode?


Ah! Thank you for the /safe-mode mention. Tested with it and it works indeed.

It must be some plugin/component I am loading then!
We can close this. Cheers!


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