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Please create an issue report here

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Thank you @angus I have created the issue report on Pavilion.

No content loads when I open a page for any tag.
discourse version : 2.8.9
layout plugin version : 0.3.1

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I’m facing the same issue as @mouad_belgoute when i choose any Tag value on the homepage tag filter field, the page is empty. I have also checked if data is not received but unfortunately the data was successfully received with 200 status.

@angus any about this problem ? This is blocking my devs :slightly_frowning_face:

Disabling the layout plugin removes the issue.

Hey guys, I can’t reproduce this.

This is a test site with the latest version of Layouts Plugin and Discourse. The Layouts Plugin has the Category List Widget activated. This is a tag route

Could you please provide live examples of the issue either on your community or

@mouad_belgoute Please try updating Discourse to the latest version.
@attalbialami are you using the same versions as @mouad_belgoute? Are you working on the same site?

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Yes, I can reproduce this, the problem is that the latest version of the Layouts plugin is not compatible with stable. It does not yield any errors though, the page just turns blank.


Ah! The Layouts Plugin does not currently support the stable branch of Discourse.

@mouad_belgoute @attalbialami Please consider using tests-passed if you want to use this plugin.

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Thanks for your reply :innocent:

Hi @angus,

Do you know if by any chance the plugin has been fixed for newer versions of the main branch of Discourse or if I need to find another way to achieve what I need? Do you plan on fixing it in the future?

Thanks in advance for your answer

Hey @AriesFR,

The plugin has been working on the main branch of Discourse for some time :slight_smile: If you’re have a specific issue please raise it with us here

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Yep, it’s been working fine on tests-passed for as long as I can remember. I did submit some slight tweak to the Topic page recently to keep it polished:

As you can see, sidebars are working great, I have used them here for ages:

In addition I added a Layouts widget in the AI Topic Summary Plugin so you can have a summary in a sidebar.

It’s always good to try these things in a staging site, do you have one?

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Thanks, I will. It might be my not understanding its internals (I’m quite new on discourse), but I tried it on a brand new test installation with two widgets without success (I have nothing displayed on either side). I just need to identify how to explain the issue clearly!

In fact, I haven’t found a comprehensive howto to make it work yet, and that’s very probably the source of my problem.

Edit: I just found out the documentation aside from your link, I’ll dig in it first…
Edit 2: It’s much easier when I find and read the documentation, it’s indeed exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot, it now works fine!


shame the documentation is non existant :wink:

Well, maybe it is non-existant, but I did not know it and found it :innocent:

Hello, I recently installed this wonderful plugin. Loaded the topic list widget as a component.
I noticed that when I click on a topic’s text link in the sidebar and then click on the corresponding post, the sidebar disappears. I have to refresh the site page to get the sidebar to appear again. Is this a feature of the plugin (or widget?) or am I doing something wrong?

Here are my settings:

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Please do not rebuild if this plugin is critical to your site:

Layouts deeply customised the front-end on Discourse and we’ve not had the resources available yet to refactor it to support the above changes.


  • Hold off rebuilding til we give you the green light OR
  • Remove Layouts from your site for the time being.

Thanks for your interest in our free offering.


Does that mean if we rebuild we can’t use Layouts and Locations together to create a map on the side like how we are currently doing it with Layouts and Locations?

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Correct. Layouts is gone.

Thanks for getting back to me. Gone for good or gone for the time being as you mentioned upthread?

If someone stepped up to fund its revival I could be more definitive in my statements