LDAP Plugin should define an `enabled?` function

After the latest upgrade, people are no longer able to authenticate. I’m getting these two errors in the logs.

#<Class:0x00007f211bc650f0>::LDAPAuthenticator should define an `enabled?` function. Patching for now.
#<Class:0x00007f211bc650f0>::LDAPAuthenticator has not defined an enabled_setting. Defaulting to true.

Settings are as follows.

Does anyone have an idea a could chase?

In theory those warnings shouldn’t cause the authentication to stop working. Can you link to the LDAP plugin that you are using?

Check that, we can log in just fine. Apologies for the confusion. Should I be ignoring this warning? How do we make it go away?

Open a issue or a PR at GitHub - jonmbake/discourse-ldap-auth: Discourse plugin to enable LDAP/Active Directory authentication.


As requested. warnigs about not having an `enabled_setting` defined · Issue #33 · jonmbake/discourse-ldap-auth · GitHub