Learn how to migrate a forum to Discourse

So you want to ramp up your Discourse migration skills? This training is an entry level step by step task-based guide to get you started. Go through it and feel free to ask questions as you proceed.

Below is a sample data dump for the Flarum community platform, your task should you choose to accept it, is to import this data into Discourse. Here are a set of instructions to follow:

  1. Sign up for a Digital Ocean account (You should be able to get a free trial through https://try.digitalocean.com/freetrialoffer)
  2. Follow discourse/INSTALL-cloud.md at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub to install a new Discourse instance (be sure to configure email)
  3. Update the Flarum import script (on your droplet) to import user avatars and pre-process the post raw content to parse BBCode tags and handle quotes, etc. (bonus points for updating the script to import permalinks as well.)
  4. Perform the import on DigitalOcean droplet that was setup in step 1, and follow this guide for further instructions.
  5. Provide us the server IP address to verify the import data.
    Check for oddities in post markup and try to refine the data as best as you can by pre-processing the post raw content.

Here’s the link to download the data dump (database and avatars):
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