Let a badge assign a default title

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Groups can assign a default title:

Badges should be able to do that too. The main use case I have in mind for this is the contributor badge. Once your first PR has been merged, shortly thereafter that “Contributor” title should just magically show up; a neat reminder of your awesomeness.


This would make life so much easier!

Our use case is that we use badges to determine how much weight the guys have lost in milestones. We then update their title based on this value also. It would be great to be able to assign the badge to them and it auto update the title.

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What if you get multiple badges with a title assignment? Do they overwrite or does an existing title “win”?


My assumption would be, only assign a title if title is blank, so first would win and then it is set forever.

It is a bit tricky cause if you “lose” a badge, technically we would have to clear existing titles, but I guess that can be done in a daily job or something.


Yeah. @mikechristopher your use case is out of scope for this first iteration, sorry. What you’re after should be quite doable with a plugin.

Don’t we have to do the same thing with groups already? I.e. if you’re moved out of a group that was granting you a title.

That’s a shame would have been good to see it overwrite existing titles or at least have it as an option between that an the badge granting from topic would have been massive workflow benefits for us.

Any reason a member couldn’t be given a choice of titles if more than one were possible?

Doesn’t that already exist? Badges can be used as a title now, and if a user has been granted multiple, they see all possible options in their User Preferences.