Let topic owner approve replies to their topic

Hi, I’m building a platform where a specific moderation feature is required to reduce our workload.

We want discussion creators to approve the comments they get, i.e only after the approval of admin/moderator/the actual post creator/owner the comment will be displayed.

Due to the nature of work we right now have to verify each and every comment we guess this will reduce our workload if trusted members are given an option to approve comments in their post. Kinda like me being able to delete the bad comments in my facbeook post, only here I get to approve it as well.

Hopefully I explained myself well…

Thanks in advance to you guys.

this is not yet avail as only mods can be set to approve new posts or replies.

Would need to request a new feature where the OP is allowed to approve replies.


Thanks Gavin, I’ll go ahead and request the future.

This is extremely unlikely to ever happen, because Discourse has no concept of per-topic permissions (other than PMs).


How about extending the Private Replies plugin?


Wow, this is the closest I can get to my use case! Thanks for linking it and thanks @RGJ