Let users hide from other users

Is there a way to hide all your posts from a certain user ?
or can this be a plugin ?

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There is no way to do this at the current time. There is a proposed feature for 2.3 in #releases, however it would work in the opposite manner — you would decide to ignore another user so you no longer see their posts, not the other way around.


Glad the plan is to go this this way and not the other. It wouldn’t make sense to follow a link from the likes of Google and not be able to see the content because another user had blocked you.


Looking forward to this feature :+1:

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Was this ever implemented?

I’m looking (as a regular user in a forum) for a way to hide all posts of another user which posts I find boring/annoying.

I only want to hide the posts for me, not for all other users.

Just like the “mute” function in Twitter.

Looking through the #releases at 2.3 I found no sign that this was implemented.

Looking at the profil of this very user I want to hide, I also see no option to hide/mute the users postings.

Any way to still do this?

Look at /my/preferences/users and you will find an option to ignore or mute users.

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Wow, thanks a lot!

I have to say that this is the first feature in Discourse ever that I actually find very counter-intuitive.

The intuitive way for me is to go to the user and mute him there (just as Twitter does), not the otherway around.

Anyway, at least it is working. So thanks for your reply!

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Yes you can also do this from that users’ profile page via the button at top right.


Thanks, I’ve just checked it.

Didn’t realize when I first looked at the page, that I had to press a button called “Normal” and that then a popup would appear. I’ve totally cannot deduce from this UI neither that a popup would appear, nor that this would lead me to an action to mute the user.

Now that I know this information, I will use it in the future.

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